The Crown - Palm Hills - October For Sale

location :
  • Area 195 m2


The Crown - Palm Hills - October City

  next to Golf Views, 10 minutes from the 26th of July.

Nestled above the landmark that is Palm Hills October lies a spacious yet cozy 190 feddans of pure comfort and convenience. It is a true symbol of belonging and of a profound, groundbreaking heritage. A symbol of a long line of firmly planted roots and solid foundations. It is a declaration of pride and adoration, of achievement and support and of love and commitment. This is Palm Hills's crowning achievement atop the great Hills of October, the newest member to their royal family of neighboring communities.

The Crown offers it’s residents full access to the range of facilities on hand: The Crown community will be home to an outdoor shopping and dining district Location: The Crown is a short drive to the Mall of Arabia - Mall of Egypt - Galleria – Arkan – October Gezira Sporting Club, and other nearby commercial destinations.

 Palm Hills October with all its state-of-the-art amenities and facilities including the Palm Hills Clubhouse, Street 88, Signature Golf Course,

The Bear Clubhouse, State-of-The-Art Gym, The sports academies and eventually Office 8. The Crown community will also be home to a swank outdoor shopping and dining district that will invite you to treat and serve yourself with only the finest this world has on offer.

 the crown :

 is a short drive from Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, Galleria, Arkan, October Sport Club and other nearby commercial  destinations                                                                                             

Neighborhood: Golf View, Golf Accentation, Golden Palm, Bamboo, Bamboo Extension, Royal Palm, Prince Plam                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                            Landscape & Public Space and Roads 49.3%                     

                                                                                                                    Stand Alone                                                                                  

starting Area from : BUA  195 m to  460 m

Land Area : 300 m to 730 m

Starting Prices : 6,500,000 EGP


Twin houses:

-Twin House : BUA: 230 m  / Land area: 320 m

Total PRICES : 7,200,000


Town Houses :

BUA : 185 m / Land area : 210 m

Total price : 5,400,000 EGP


Family House :

Total Area : 225 m 

Total price : 6,000,000


Payment Plan:- 


10% Down payment rest over & 7 years  installments

phase 1 Delivery after 4 Years from Contract

Landscape & Public Space and Roads 49.3% 



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