LaVista Ras Al Hikma North Coast chalet 150 sqm 5 years installment For Sale

location : LaVista Ras Al Hikma - North Coast
EGP 2,800,000
  • Area 150 m2
  • Bedroom 3
  • Bathroom 2
  • Floor 1
  • Bathroom 2
  • Reception 3


Set in the aquamarine paradise of Ras El Hikma, LA VISTA RAS EL HIKMA features a modern architectural design and carries on the tradition of LA VISTA resort communities amid the breathtaking natural sea wonder of Ras El Hikma. LA VISTA RAS EL HIKMA claims for itself a piece of radiant 1100 m2 white sandy beachfront and unparalleled crystal clear sea.

LA VISTA RAS EL HIKMA is the first of the LA VISTA resort communities to be characterized by villas with full privacy as well as waterfront cabins. With perfectly still turquoise waters and soft white sand, an exotic seashore setting unlike any other along the North Coast.

LA VISTA RAS EL HIKMA will also house The Grand Hotel. A five-star luxury hotel along the North Coast offering several restaurants, sports facilities, and the ultimate relaxing spa and beauty center. The Grand Hotel offers LA VISTA RAS EL HIKMA residents a chance to invite family and friends to enjoy the summer together on the North Coast.

Residents can enjoy several pools, cascading waterfalls, beach pools, beach activities, as well as many shops, cafes, and restaurants in the large commercial area provided, as well as the clubhouse. Residents will also have access to entertainment outlets, sports facilities, medical services, and a lot more. Year-long maintenance and security ensure the continued upkeep of all units, and of the entire resort community.

Units are laid out in a format so that each unit has a water view, whether it is the pristine blue Mediterranean or one of the many pools designed to look like a natural part of the surrounding environment.

LAVISTA RAS EL HIKMA sits in one of the most sought after locations a long the North Coast, Ras El Hikma, directly neighboring Caesar's Bay Resort.

The new Matruh Road makes access from Cairo quick and convenient. A 35 Km drive from LAVISTA BAY, and you have arrived to one of the natural wonders of the North Coast: LAVISTA RAS EL HIKMA.

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