About Us

About OFOK Company?!

" Your Own Expert "

OFOK has been established for more than 10 years. As the company's long experience in the field of real estate marketing in the Egyptian market, especially in the marketing of residential projects in new cities and touristic projects.

We have earned a strong reputation in the market which is proven by client satisfaction. Our clients have the utmost confidence in our services as we know our clients' time is valuable so in the shortest possible time our professionally trained team will help to acquire a property that fits all of the client requirements including the price range and payment facilities.

Our Vision?

To serve the market in a distinctive way that facilitates the selling and the buying process at every touch point the customer meet the product: meanwhile we maintain the brand image of the developer.

We also want to become the first real estate advisor to our customers and gain their trust and fulfill all their wishes through the work of a dedicated team and a high level of training works to save time and effort to our customers and maintain a high standard and respected in providing the service real estate.

Our Mission?

Offer our customers a wide range of investment opportunities to buy new properties.

Develop variable client list to meet the demands of the developer projects

Continue growing and developing new branches to cover promising areas.

Increase the availability of local, regional and international database to facilitate selling process.

Providing support and advice to the developing

Companies to assure their product quality the customer require

We have a huge database of a large number of senior business men and real estate investors. Banks and big companies who trust us and we have real estate consultant and real estate portfolios we manage them various kinds.

We are agents for most of the major real estate companies. And we are making marketing plans for residential, administrative, commercial, & touristic projects on the country’s level of their projects.

Our most vital areas covered all of Egypt.

Our companies provide services (sale - purchase – Assessment - rent) and marketing studies for real estate projects of various kinds (residential - business – management - touristic - etc.)


What's our team united to do?

Our staff makes all the efforts to create a friendly trusting environment to our clients. Helping to make that important decision as easy as possible.

- Show initiative and adaptability.

- Growth of the person with improving working conditions.

- Benefits satisfaction and security.

- Recognition of high performance.

- Commitment and accountability.

How we do it?

- OFOK’s variable base of existing and potential clients

- Professional Digital Marketing

- SMS campaigns

- Advertising in Newspapers and magazine.

- Extensive Public Relations with corporates in

Egypt & Gulf area

- Participation in exhibitions.

- Analysis of the projects and all the concerns to customer’s feedback.